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Proton - Cleaning Chemicals


Proton Lemon Gel Thickened Floor Cleaner - 5L

£13.50 – £45.00 inc. VAT

Proton Protect Anti Bacterial Hand Wash Soap Food Hygiene Safe Unperfumed - 5L

£10.00 – £33.00 inc. VAT

Proton Bleach 5% Hypochlorite For Commercial Industrial Catering Takeaway 5L

£9.00 – £30.00 inc. VAT

Proton Floor & Wall Degreaser Multi Purpose Cleaner - 5L

£11.00 – £35.00 inc. VAT

Proton Washing Up Liquid Natural Sink Wash - 5L

£9.00 – £25.00 inc. VAT

Proton Power Heavy Duty Degreaser Fat Fryer Floor Wall Canopies Filters 5kg

£18.50 inc. VAT

Proton Pink Pearl Hand Wash Soap Food Hygiene Safe perfumed - 5L

£12.50 – £43.00 inc. VAT

Proton HandSan Pink Antibacterial Hand Wash Soap - Food Hygiene Safe - 5L

£15.00 – £49.00 inc. VAT

Stainless Steel Trigger Spray Cleaner (Commercial and Domestic Use) - 750ml

was £4.00
£1.50 – £7.00 inc. VAT

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Proton Kitchen range includes a range of food safe surface sanitisers, heavy duty degreasers, descalers and oven cleaners.

For front of house we offer a range of carpet & upholstery cleaners, glass & shiny surface cleaner, furniture and multi-surface polishes.

Proton offer a range of toilet cleaners, air fresheners, and surface cleaners designed to give your washrooms and bathrooms that fresh clean sparkle.

Always at the forefront of innovation Proton have just launched The Fresh Instant a range of water soluble super concentrates, no mess, no fuss and the equivalent of 7.5L of cleaning liquid in 10g sachets.