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Cocktail napkins from Thali Outlet are ideal for soaking up spilt Martinis or wiping your fingers after a few indulgent canapés our personalised cocktail napkins 25cm square once unfolded. Perfect for your catering business, restaurant, or cafe, this Choice beverage napkin is a great value that doesn't compromise quality.

Our huge selection of colored dinner napkins is perfect for any busy restaurant, bar, or catered event! Available in a number of attractive and bright colors, our napkins will suit any occasion or décor, and with our wholesale prices and bulk packaging, you can be sure you’re getting these quality napkins at an economical price.

Airlaid napkins are made soft and thick by air being pumped through the product during manufacture giving the impression of a great feel and making them extra absorbant and great to look at. Airlaid Tablin Napkins as they have a top quality almost fabric feel to them. Not only are they used as a Table Napkin they are also used as a Paper Hand Towel offering superior absorpsion & softness.