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Proton - Dish Wash Detergents


You wouldn’t accept poor or dirty tableware, so why would your customer? This will not only impact your sales but also your future business with the growth in Customer Review Websites.

Quality, style and presentation are 3 key areas of serving the perfect meal, as they say the first bit is taken with the eye. Imagine how a dirty plate, knife or fork would make you feel as you sat down to eat a scrumptious dish.

The Proton range of Dish & Ware Washing products have been specially designed to give you excellent results every time. With detergents, available for both manual and automatic dosing machines, and rinse aids able to cope with all levels of baked on food, in any water hardness area.  Our unique Halo Polycarb detergent and rinse aid products are safe to use with all types of plastic, melamine and aluminium dish & tableware and are perfect for both canteens and holiday parks.

With Proton in your kitchen, canteen or restaurant your dishes and cutlery will have that perfect sparkle for every customer.