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Proton range of Dish & Ware Washing products have been specially designed to give you excellent results every time. With detergents, available for both manual and automatic dosing machines, and rinse aids able to cope with all levels of baked on food, in any water hardness area. 

From our tried, tested and trusted Renovate® powder to restore and renew tired glasses, to our patented lipstick pre-treatment system, Quash, through to our unique plastic & polycarbonate safe detergent and rinse aid we can provide you with the complete cleaning and care package.

Disposable food preparation gloves in materials like polyethylene, latex, nitrile or clear vinyl. Available in powdered or powder-free styles. CFIA approved for food handling. Latex, vinyl and polythene gloves to prevent contamination during the food preparation process.

Blue and white centrefeed rolls are generally used in the catering markets to clean surfaces and also in the automotive industry but there are many more applications.