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Compostable - BePulp Bagasse Containers


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Eco-Friendly and Compostable Packaging

The BePulp range is fully made from fiber of plant origin, a natural material which is both abundant and renewable. Our sustainable range is composed of table-ready packaging and design to withstand any conditions, from freezers to ovens. The entire range is also certified for composting according to regulations EN13432.

Relying on the BePulp packaging will allow you to make the perfect choice for sustainable packaging with no compromise on the quality; It combines sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pulp that comes from fibres of plant origin, natural materials which are both abundant and renewable

BePulp by Sabert puts sustainability at the center of its developments and has launched packaging solutions under the BePulp brand. It is a wide range of innovative and compostable packaging of plant origin that grows and evolves continuously as the demand for eco-friendly packaging has highly increased over the past years